Top five Himalayan Flowers

The Himalayan range in Asia has the earths biggest peak. Making up for the daunting as well as the most scene sights. This mountain range has an elevation of over 23,600ft. We have cold almost desert like dry conditions on the Tibetan side and on the other hand.

Primula flower in Himalaya

Primula is among the first flower to bloom in the valleys of the Himalaya. The flower bloom in march and throughout July. The flower grown in clusters each flower consists of small five heart shaped petals and with a long controllable.

Fragaria in Himalaya

Fragaria flower is also called the garden strawberry and is widely grown in the Himalaya known for its sweet taste and strong fragrance. Fragaria flowers are grown in in the banks and forest. The plant grows as perennial and has trifoliate leaves. The small flowers are white in color and five petals.

Wild Rose in Himalaya

Wild Rose Himalaya is also known as musk rose and wild rose . It can be seen all over the place in the Himalayan valleys. The white or pink flowers make for a pretty sight in the summer. Most likely in the month of may upon maturation the flowers give way to red fruits called rose lip. The flowers have strong scent and are pollinated by insects for their hectare.

Anemone Bloom in Himalaya

Blue Himalayan Anemone also grown in different shades such as white . The white anemone has pink tinge on the reverse and distinctive yellow stamens. The flowers grow on straight and smooth stalks . The plant grows as a perennial and due to the long stalks can be noticed from a distance Anemone flowers are also called wind flowers.

Narilathaor Naked Woman Flower

The flower took everyone by surprise the story doing rounds on the internet was of the flowers that grow only in the Himalayan region. Once in twenty years the flower will be seen. Whats more surprising the flower take the shape of a naked woman upon maturation.